OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (scroll to bottom for seasonal War submissions)

Fiction War Magazine publishes both well-known and emerging writers’ previously unpublished original Flash Fiction works between 500-1000 words. Starting in 2017, we will have a rolling Open Call for submissions in addition to our seasonal Fiction War writing competitions. Open Call authors will be paid a $75 honorarium for featured stories (between 7.5¢ and 15¢ per word).

Fiction War's target audience is anyone who reads literary or mainstream fiction. If your work tends toward genre(s) e.g., Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery, Science, Slipstream, Thriller, etc., wonderful – tell that badass story.

No Prompt. No Deadline. No Time Limit. Use your freedom wisely.

•Open Call submissions are considered entirely separate from the seasonal competitions.
•Do not submit excerpts from longer stories. Flash fiction should be a complete story.
•Do not submit erotica, gore, or fan fiction.

•We only consider unpublished work. Please do not submit anything that has been published anywhere online or in print, e.g., blogs, facebook, chap books…
•We only accept submissions online through Submittable.
•We are unable to give personal feedback or critiques, and response time can be up to six months. Please be patient. If you have not heard from us in six months, you can email us at “Submission Query” should be the subject line. 

•We DO accept simultaneous Open Call submissions. Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere and withdraw your submission via Submittable.
•We DO accept multiple submissions. Submit SEPARATELY for each story — DO NOT submit multiple stories in one Submittable form or in one text document.
•There is a nominal submission fee, a portion of which goes directly to Submittable; the remainder helps Fiction War Magazine pay higher professional per-word rates to featured authors.

•Do omit ALL author information, e.g., name, email, etc. from the body of the work, headers, and file name. Include author information in the cover letter only.
•Submissions should be saved in RTF, ODT, or DOC. Use whichever typeface you like — we like Helvetica, 12pt.
•It is the editors’ selfish opinion that you use special characters, bold, italics, etc. sparingly – they are painful when formatting for print – but we get it, sometimes you can't help it. Just go easy.

Full publishing copyrights are retained by the author of the original work. By submitting, author agrees to grant Wolvesburrow Productions first publishing rights and continuing, non-exclusive rights to reproduce the submitted work as part of the specified anthologies — online and in print. If afterwards, the author republishes the work elsewhere, we ask that you please credit Fiction War Magazine as first publisher.

All selected works will be subject to a single-stage copy/line edit with an abbreviated developmental edit where necessary. Authors will receive an advance version of what we intend to print. 

There may be additional instructions during the submission process. Please take care to follow them so that your submission is acceptable.

Release the Fiction.

This is an OPEN CALL submission.
Works submitted here will not be considered for the seasonal competitions.
Open Call works accepted for publication earn an honorarium of $75.

Please allow approximately 2-6 months for review.

Want your work at the top of the heap? An editor will read your work ASAP: Expedited Submissions will be reviewed and responded to within 30 days.

This is an OPEN CALL submission.
Works submitted here will not be considered for the seasonal competitions.
Open Call works accepted for publication earn an honorarium of $75.